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The dental plans we offer are very easy to use. After you enroll in the dental plan, all you have to do is present your membership information to one of the participating dentists, and immediately receive 20%-60% off your dental care bill. By joining the plan, you become a part of a large group of customers and gain access to pre-negotiated prices that are lower than a typical customer would pay. Dentists are willing to offer such great prices because by being listed as a participating provider, they gain more customers. This creates a win-win situation, where Plan Members receive great services at a fraction of the cost, and Plan Dentists receive more customers to keep their dental practice thriving.

Thousands of dentists across the country are participating providers of the various dental plans we provide. However, each plan has a different set of participating providers. For more specific information, check out the provider search for each plan here... Dentist Search. As a member, our customer service team will be more than happy to help you find a quality dentist in your area.

You can enroll in one of our plans by selecting the plan here and completing the form online or by calling 800-292-5948 and speaking to a Dental Plan Specialist. Our representatives are trained to help you find the best plan that fits your needs.

Immediately. As soon as you enroll in the plan, you can receive access to the dental savings.

The specific savings you receive vary based on multiple factors such as where you live, or what procedures you need. As a result, it’s difficult to give an exact dollar amount for your savings. However, you can expect to save between 20% and 60% on all your dental care expenses. Most customers report back with savings averaging around 47%. You should easily save the annual cost of your membership in your first dental visit.

When you enroll, not only will you receive an email with your ID cards detailing the features of your dental plan, but you can also elect to receive a text message sent to your cell phone with your ID and plan information.

Shopping around and finding the right dental plan is important. That's why we've scoured the web and identified the best dental plans currently available. These plans provide the highest savings, most providers, and are available to you at affordable prices. When choosing a dental plan, it's important to make sure that you have quality dentists participating in your area.

Dental Savings Plans

Dental Savings for the Family

Individual and Family Plans Available

Wheather the dental plan is for yourself or your entire family, savings is the number one priority. Our dental plans allow you to gain access to a nationwide dental network of thousands of dentists who offer reduced rates to plan members.

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